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We are Malmesbury’s dramatic society, formed over 80 years ago.

Have you always wanted to act?

Could you paint scenery?

Know anything about lights or sound?

Want to produce plays, revues or pantos?

Would you like to prompt?

Can you make costumes?

Then why not join the Athelstan Players!

For more information, contact us at:




Use our website to find information about the Athelstan Players.  If you need more help, please contact us at the above email address.



Posters are up, leaflets distributed and a banner is in place at the roundabout near Waitrose. Come and see us, we're easy to find as our Studio is behind the Riverside Community Centre.

We are lucky enough to have our own drama studio...


It all began in 1938 when a Malmesbury boy had the idea of setting up a dramatic society...

We perform Revues, Pantos and Plays.

Colored Theatre Lights


'A Trip Down Memory Lane'

on 1, 2 August



Are you up for it?
Every one is welcome, as we are not just looking for performers.  You could help with costumes, props, set design, front of house – all aspects of a production.

If any of these appeal then get in touch via

or just come along on Tuesday 7 May.

We'd love to meet you!

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