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Raise the Roof

The problem

Our drama studio is situated on the Flying Monk Grounds behind the main Co-operative store, alongside the Tebury Avon. Since 2000 is has been subjected to flooding, the last time being March 2023.


The solution

To overcome this problem, we need to either rebuild elsewhere or raise our building. In the absence of another site, we have considered the possibility of rebuilding the drama studio above the flood level. This would also provide the opportunity to enhance the facilities. We would look to to improve the roof space for storage and have an area  specifically set aside for painting scenery. This would allow the main rehearsal area to be kept clear, allowing us to offer the space for other local community groups to use.

In the current climate, it is hard to imagine raising the necessary funds but we can always hope!


This sketch is a preliminary drawing of an ideal new studio. Disabled access and facilities are included and parking would be available.

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