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Raise the Roof Appeal


Athelstan Player's launch a £70,000 rescue bid for their drama studio.


Our Drama Workshop was opened by actor James Grout on Saturday 8th September 1990, with a blessing from the then vicar, Rev. Peter Barton, and is now the society’s permanent home. Ten years later, the first of the floods hit.....


The problem

The current drama studio belonging to the Athelstan Players is situated on the Flying Monk Grounds behind the main Co-operative store. Since 2000 is has been subjected to flooding, the last time being November 2012.


The solution

To overcome this problem, we need to either rebuild elsewhere or raise our building. In the current absence of another site, we are having plans drawn up to rebuild the drama studio above the flood level. As the studio will need to be rebuilt, we are hoping to enhance the facilities. For our own purposes we hope to improve the roof space for storage and have an area  specifically set aside for painting scenery. This will allow the main rehearsal area to be kept clear allowing us to offer the space to other local community groups to use.


This sketch is a preliminary drawing of our hopes of a new studio. Disabled access and facilities are included and there is parking available.


Once planning permission has been granted we will have about 3 years to raise the funds to 'raise our roof'. So watch our for our future fund raising events and please help where you can!


Chairman Christine Mace: "We can't go on flooding like this. When the floodwater comes in, we can't use the building afterwards, we have to dry it out. It is rotting the building. So we have decided we have got to do this project, otherwise the group will die"



Fundraising event on Sat 15th Oct 2016: Dreamboats and Petticoats, live music and dancing.


See the poster for more details:

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